updated 8-July-2014


Can I name a lightbox? Yes.

The default name is the date of creation. You can fill in  the optional Lightbox name field and then press the Update lightbox button to name it. You might need to toggle to another lightboxes or refresh the page to see this one updated in the pulldown list.

Can I have multiple light boxes? Yes

You can have multiple lightboxes. When you 'save an image to a light box' it adds it to the current active one.  To switch to a different one you previously created, select the pulldown menu My Lightboxes from the my lightbox page.  You must be registered and logged in first.

You can create a new lightbox with the New Lightbox button. It might be nice to name the lightbox first before going to a new lightbox.

How do I share a lightbox with somebody? Send the link

Use the Email Lightbox button inside the lightbox page. You may elect to make it shareable as read-only or not. 

The receiving party does NOT need to be registered on this site to simply view the lightbox or the site.  Anybody you pass the (secrete) link to will be able to enter and see your lightbox.   Your collaborator needs to register if they want to collaborate with you on the lightbox: leave comments, add/remove photos. 



The browser 'back' button

The 'back' button generally works find except when you go 'back' after a keyword search. If you see no result after back, go click explicitly where you want to go.  Note the 'breadcrumb' buttons on the lower left of the previous galleries. 

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